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Ready Steady No 2019 Full Movie Download

The Ready Steady No is a 2019 Pakistani movie the film is about Is Ready Steady No socially relevant? Yes, it does contain themes which fit the bill. Is it entertaining or bearable in cinemas as a feature film? The answer is a big NO.

Name of Movie Movie Story:

The plot of Ready Steady No is as easy as ABC: Razia (Amna Ilyas) loves Faisal (Faisal Saif) but their mother and father are towards them and want them to get married in their respective caste. But the lovebirds plan to run away and elope. What happens once they run away is what Ready Steady No is all approximately, which is very predictable most of the times. There are several characters within the film which give comic relief but that’s pretty lots it. Even the cliched plot, Munawar manages to deliver fresh content material with his script, with some of his jokes staying with the audience even when they go away to the cinema.

As a director, but, he desires to up his sport huge time. His movie is more like a loud degree play than a proper function film with aesthetics and cinematic delights. Frames are readily made out and that’s something which is constant all through the film. A few jokes fall flat while others make the audience smile, thanks to veteran actors like Nayyar Ejaz, Ashraf Khan and Tara who can turn any line into a thrilling overall performance. Ilyas plays her part well and does justice to her individual of a glad, go-fortunate, naive girl who is madly in love together with her lover.

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Faisal, however, wishes to work quite difficult for the target audience to recollect him in this film considering that he does now not showcase much comedy, romance or emotional drama. He seems to be as full-size in the movie as Sami Khan changed into in Wrong No 2. Marhoom Ahmed Bilal as they endorse is powerful but could have been higher if the script changed into a bit gripping, whilst Afzal Zain as a cleric is right in certain scenes however a bit loud in a maximum of them.


Ejaz as a palmist and a cleric aces it and proves that he’s an actor who knows no bounds. He makes the target market laugh and also impresses them together with his performance at some point. Tara offers amazing performance, at the same time as Shahid and Rasheed are each very loud however do have a few interesting and witty scenes inside the climax in which they in reality excel.


All in all, Ready Steady No gives a sparkling script and is an earnest attempt. It can be praised with the aid of those who like degree plays and prefer loud comedy. The main saviour of the movie is its climax which is 20-25 minutes lengthy and maintains the target market engaged and entertained. The movie takes some exciting turns after the c programming language.


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