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Laila Majnu 2018

Laila Majnu    

N/A 140 min BollywoodDramaRomance

IMDB: 7.9/10 1,185 votes


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The Laila Majnu is a 2018 Bollywood movie the film is about Laila is a free-spirited girl from a conservative family who firmly believes in living for the present. Qais, a spoilt brat, falls head over heels in love with her. Their families, however, are warring over property, which leads to self-destruction, pain and bleeding hearts.

Laila Majnu 2018 Movie Story:

Removing the jump from great old stories of star-crossed sweethearts Layla and Majnun. The story is set in the present time in Kashmir where Laila and Majnu have issues important to the adolescent of today. While managing their quarreling families an enthusiastic romantic tale unravels. Laila, appeared as a young lady living in her own dreamland, continually longing for an ‘extraordinary’ individual in her life, has experience with Qais (Majnu) on a portentous night when she subtly has gone out to ask in a memorial park for meeting her adored one. Qais and his companions discover her personality and pursue her till Laila, at last, gives her a versatile number to him. The story advances to the sentimental closeness between the leads, against the foundation of contention between their families.

Updates on their sentiment before long turn into all the rage. Which in the end achieves the group of Laila and her dad cautions her to avoid an individual of such awful notoriety. However, Laila is quick to meet Qais, regardless of being cautioned by her dad and sister of the results. They meet one night and plan to unveil their relationship to their particular families. Quiz guarantees that he will do whatever conceivable to persuade Laila’s family. However, before this can occur, they caught in the act by Laila’s family. After which her dad chooses to wed her to Ibban. Whoa politically persuaded individual endeavoring to get a handle on each chance to wed Laila so as to take advantage of her dad’s notoriety and position.

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Laila opposes the wedding and sits tight for Qais to persuade her dad, and sends his dad to persuade. Laila’s dad yet because of the long progressing quarrel between the family. Laila’s dad affronts and avoids the proposition, to which the dad of Qais guarantees Laila’s dad that he will guarantee that the marriage occurs. At the point when Qais becomes more acquainted with about the date of Laila’s marriage. He comes to see Laila’s dad strive once and for all. Upon the arrival of her wedding, Qais contacts her home and solicits Laila in front from her entire family to escape from the wedding with him, yet amazingly Laila can’t, saying that she hung tight for him and is presently persuaded that individuals were directly about Qais being accommodating and playing with others’ feelings.


Qais leaves devastated. In the meantime, following four years, Qais’ dad, who is a top government official in Kashmir. Kicks the bucket of heart failure and Qais appeared to be in London. Qais comes back to Kashmir for his dad’s burial service, where he experiences his sister and her better half. Who wants the dad’s property, bothers him inwardly. At some point, Qais alongside his companions see Laila in a bistro and Qais leaves the bistro in outrage so as to maintain a strategic distance from her. Laila currently hitched to Ibban, who an MLA. A run of the mill degenerate man and a lush and carries on with a bothered life. The news comes to Laila about Qais’ quality around the local area for his dad’s memorial service, and she chooses to meet him.


One night, the smashed Ibban has a mishap and bites the dust. Laila is presently free from his shackles and reveals to Qais that after Iddat. They can wed and live cheerfully always in Kashmir. Seeing his condition and his interminable hang tight for Laila. Laila will not remain with Qais as she comprehends that Qais does not require her any longer as he envisions Laila to exhibit all over. Grief-stricken, Laila slaughters herself and Qais appeared and pursuing Laila until he hit by her headstone. The motion picture closes with their spirits being as one and upbeat for eternity.


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Laila Majnu 2018 Movie Download HD 720p

Laila Majnu 2018
Laila Majnu 2018
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