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IO 2019 Full Movie Download HD 720p

IO is a 2019 Hollywood adventure drama movie directed by Jonathan Helpert. The movie released on January 18, 2019, and distributed by Netflix. As a young scientist searches for a way to save a dying Earth, she finds a connection with a man who’s racing to catch the last shuttle off the planet.

IO 2019 Movie Stroy:

The film is about during a post-apocalyptic future, wherever Earth’s atmosphere has become toxicant. Most humans have fled the earth, to live on a space station close to Io, a moon of Jupiter.

Sam Walden is one in all the few humans remaining on Earth. She lives alone at high altitude, wherever the air continues to be breathable, attempting to lift bees that may survive within the atmosphere. Her intent is to use the bees to eventually clean the air via the pollinization of oxygen-producing plants. Her long-distance young man, who lives on the Io station, urges her to depart Earth on the last shuttle from the earth.

A storm creates a toxicant cloud that passes through Sam’s shelter, apparently killing all of her bees. Micah, a person movement by chemical element balloon, arrives shortly thenceforth. He intends to succeed in the launch web site and leave Earth, however initial desires to talk with Dr. Harry Walden, Sam’s father, who had urged human beings to remain as he still saw hope.

Initially, SAM states that her father is conducting fieldwork elsewhere. However, when on a daily basis, she reveals that her father died the previous year. Hearing this, Micah is decided to require SAM with him to the space vehicle, to that she apathetically agrees. when receiving a message from her young man voice communication bye-bye, as a result of he’s a part of an expedition embarking on a 10-year voyage to an exoplanet orbiting Alpha Centauri, SAM records a message informing everybody still on Earth that Dr. Walden’s decision to clean the earth was ultimately unsuccessful which everyone ought to leave to Io.

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While getting ready and watching for the proper wind conditions, SAM and Micah grow nearer and become romantically concerned. They additionally discover that a brand new queen hatched in Sam’s hive, that is proof against the toxicant air. they’re enlightened that the shuttle launch is rescheduled to a different web site, farther away than the first. As a result, they drive into a town blanketed by the toxicant atmosphere to get the chemical elements needed for the journey.

when finding the helium, SAM visits an art depository alone. Micah rushes when her, knowing her gas tank is running low. rather than switch to a brand new tank, SAM attains her mask and breathes the toxicant air hoping to survive. She takes many breaths because the scene fades to black. Micah travels alone to the starship as a result of SAM has set to remain behind. The modified atmosphere isn’t toxicant to her a similar manner it absolutely was not toxicant for the queen in her bee colony. Apparently, those born within the atmosphere will sleep in it.

The film ends with SAM standing on a beach alone before being joined by a young kid. A vocalization of a letter from SAM to Micah tells however lovely the world is, however those that have left the earth can have learned to concern it, which they’re watching for them to come back.


Download IO 2019 Full Movie HD 720p

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