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Blackmail 2018


Not Rated 138 min ActionBollywoodComedyThriller

IMDB: 7.0/10 6,365 votes


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The Blackmail is a 2018 Bollywood movie the film is about When Dev finds about his wife’s affair, he starts blackmailing her and her lover but the blackmail game backfires on him.

Blackmail 2018 Movie Story:

Dev Kaushal (Irrfan Khan) is a bathroom tissue deals official who is having a debilitated existence both expertly and by and by. He takes the photos of other men’s spouses for his own pleasure and delight. He envisions diverse situations, such as executing the darling, at that point murdering the spouse, however, leaves and chooses to extort them. Ranjit is a henpecked spouse hitched to Dolly Verma (Divya Dutta), who has a persuasive father, who Ranjit is terrified of. Dev shares an incredible bond with his Boss DK (Omi Vaidya), he requests that he advance the recently made bathroom tissue rolls.

Figuring everything he needs to pay, Dev extorts Ranjit for an aggregate of 1 lakh. Ranjit organizes the cash from Dolly by concocting a rationalization of beginning a business and pays Dev the cash. At the point when Dolly’s dad asks Ranjit to restore the cash, he extorts Reena for 1,20,000. In a plastered state, Dev uncovers everything to his partner Anand (Pradhuman Singh Mall). Reena approaches Dev for cash, saying that it’s for her father’s treatment. Dev gives her the cash and thus, approaches Ranjit for the cash. Reena keeps the cash on a dustbin which Ranjit gathers and puts the cash on a dustbin which Dev then gathers.

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Anand who really likes Prabha Ghatpandey, (Anuja Sathe) a recently named partner gets her out on the town and unconsciously uncovers everything about Dev’s arrangements. Following day Prabha extorts Dev for cash. Dev goes up against Anand yet then approaches Ranjit for cash, Ranjit, thus, approaches Reena for cash and Reena approaches Dev for the cash. From the money got before Dev executes the sum to Reena’s record, while Reena put the cash in a dustbin. Ranjit gets exhausted and procures an investigator, Chawla ( Gajraj Rao). Prabha coerces Dev for more cash. Dev chooses to meet Prabha and they share a warmed contention in her condo.

Prabha slips amid the contention and falls as a whole rack falls on her, murdering her. Abruptly Prabha’s folks arrive. Dev figures out how to escape by wearing a veil made out of a Paper sack and keeps running outside wearing just shorts while being pursued by close-by occupants. Next morning following Prabha’s passing, police arrive and investigate everybody in the workplace. Anand realizing that Dev met Prabha the previous evening, extorts Dev. On cross-examination, Dev uncovers that Anand used to like Prabha. Dev persuades Anand to conceal reality from the police. Utilizing Anand’s vehicle Dev buys a comparative paper sack. He utilized the previous evening to escape and shrouds it in Anand’s vehicle, following which the police capture Anand. Anand freezes and uncovers everything about Dev to the police.


The police at that point question Dev. Dolly pursues Ranjit and sees him together with Reena. Anand leaves Police guardianship and attempts to beat Dev yet Dev figures out how to quiet him down. Dev meets Chawla who requests cash to stay quiet. At their home, Dolly attempts to slaughter Ranjit, yet Ranjit figures out how to shoot her and conceals her body in a Refrigerator. Dev approaches Ranjit for cash with the goal that he can pay Chawla. Thus, Ranjit approaches Reena for cash and Reena approaches Dev for cash lying that it is for her dads’ medical procedure. Dev gets Reena’s folks and discovers that she is lying. He pursues Reena, sees her offering her adornments and puts the money in the receptacle at a Mall. Dev goes to take it, yet Ranjit comes over yonder and takes the cash.


Dev sees Ranjit watching and influences security staff to act like he is taking the cash. Ranjit tails him as Dev gathers the cash, and offers it to Chawla and requests some help. Chawla calls Ranjit and reveals to him the blackmailer is Anand. Ranjit slaughters Anand and Dev sends the photos of Ranjit to Reena. In the meantime, Dolly’s folks discover that Ranjit killed their little girl and lock him up in a washroom and call the police. Reena hangs tight for Dev at supper and messages asking “When will you get back home?”. A discouraged Dev gets the message and erases Reena’s Contact while winning a PC diversion he generally fizzled. Next morning his manager DK sees that all his limited time strategies for his bathroom tissue have flopped as some other organizations have assumed control over him.


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Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
Blackmail 2018
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