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Babumoshai Bandookbaaz 2017

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz    

Not Rated 122 min ActionBollywoodCrimeThriller

IMDB: 7.0/10 1,267 votes

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Babumoshai Bandookbaaz 2017 Full Movie Download

The Babumoshai Bandookbaaz is a 2017 Bollywood movie the film is about Two contract killer from Uttar Pradesh, Babu Bihari and Banke Bihari who are often paid to bump off the same game, cross each other’s path and end up fighting with each other.

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz 2017 Movie Story:

The story set in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh whose political scene overwhelmed by two lawmakers Dubey and Jiji. Babu Bihari a hired gunman contracted by both to dispose of their adversaries. He executes for an unimportant entirety of ₹20,000, of which ₹5000 for the constable who lands him the hit position. Babu is brutal and has an extremely immediate way to deal with hitting his objective. He has a notoriety of clean hits with no complaint. Babu drives a basic life, lives alone in a shanty in a remote area. One fine day Jiji offers him a hit activity of a nearby muscleman. Babu goes to overview the everyday practice of his objective. There he goes over Fulwa, a shoemaker. He was stricken by her magnificence and awed with her unyielding mentality.

Babu freight ships into her home and she wounds him instinctually with a sharp apparatus. Babu some way or other figures out how to control the harm and reveals to her that he came in light of the fact that he was interested in not uncovering any data to the police. She reveals to her that the person he just murdered and his two siblings assaulted her more than once. She lets him know whether he executes the remainder of the two siblings she would consume her whole time on earth with him. Babu instantly executes the 2 remaining siblings.

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Here Babu and Fulwa have an extraordinary time and appreciate each other’s conversation. Then again, Dubey feels that the 3 men of Jiji are a hindrance to his prospects of winning the race. He gives the agreement to execute all to Babu. Babu goes to Jiji and advises her about the agreement. He tosses an open test to her to spare her men on the off chance that she can. He going to hit his first execute when a projectile shot missing its objective. In the following confusion, the unfortunate casualty gets away. Babu spares the second contract killer from the incensed crowd. The second contract killer is Bakey, who thinks about Babu as his master. Albeit enraged at first that he demolished his murder, Babu offers some kind of reparation with Bakey. They choose to make this as an amusement.


Babu scores the primary slaughter. He is going to score the second hit, yet a cop faithful to Jiji intercedes. In the resulting fight, Babu hit in the shoulder. He takes him in his police jeep and is going to withdraw when Bakey sneaks in as a mailman and scores the murder. The cop is irate takes him to a wilderness to examine. Babu saved by Bakey and takes him to his home. Fulwa expels the projectile from his body and recuperates him back to wellbeing. She inspired by his smooth looks and solid body. Science appears to bubble among the two, which Babu likewise takes note. Babu offers them to go through a night together, stunned at first Fulwa censures him and leaves. Bakey reluctantly backtracks saying that he was obliging their move and alcohol filled cheer.


Babu goes to the location and intuitively abstains from getting wounded from a sharp instrument, unmistakenly from Fulwa. He amazed to see her alive and she likewise has his child. At that point comes Bakey. It then uncovered that Bakey and Fulwa began to look all starry eyed right now they met. Fulwa gives Bakey contract to execute Babu. At some point, while experiencing the scratch pad of the tyke he finds that the kid has drawn an image of a family in it (mother, father, and kid). While taking a gander at the image his eyes all of a sudden enlarge in shock as he sees a similar youngster moving toward him with a weapon held up. At last, a shot is heard with the words “What circumvents comes around”.


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Babumoshai Bandookbaaz 2017
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